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(WIP) Table Folly

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

The Christmas party. Of course, it involves boozing it up for the lulz.
Haruko and Duxx dance on the table (and speaking of Duxx, you can blame it on this… so, SO facepalm-y but extremely fitting) with Velan, Aries and Spoony cheering them on.

And then there was the issue of integrating the “under the table” parts.

Hikaru hides under the table to escape the shenanigans (Hikaru + alcohol = NO; Black Dragons normally have awesome beer tolerance but she is a rare exception) and Numair hides next to her.
It’s an awkward place, but why not take advantage of it…?
…until Chelsea dives under the table all “WAAAAAAH HELP” and totally ruins the moment. XD

I used a much lighter blue for the wireframe and it was really lightly scribbled, so it’ll probably make more sense when it’s inked.

Beyond my iPod Touch and yesterday’s iTunes card there was no other loot to speak of. (But, who cares, when I reload in January, I’m kicking down Amazon’s door for some loot raiding. Yum, free shipping and no sales tax!)
Robert did, however, get Windows 7, which is yay since he’s been on XP since ’04 and he wanted to make the jump anyhow. I’m making him put in Hamachi, though… >_>; should make it easier to pass links and WoW add-ons between each other, at least.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Snowscheme 2009 Part 4: Streetside

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Prontera City gets stupidly cold at night. And it just started to snow. Does that stop a drunken alien in a cocktail dress, a demon bard and a couple of Santa Prinnies? HELL NO. Haruko, Spoony and two prinnies set up shop on some corner and perform drunken carols for lulz and maybe some booze monies.

Tried a different lighting method here since it seemed more fitting for the circumstances. Made for a faster coloring job but it’s obviously situational. :P
Also this is, again, conveniently composed and sized for near-effortless wallpaper usage.

Parts and Labor VI

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Wow, when things go wrong, things go REALLY wrong.

See: Best Buy in this case. They just now shipped my Windows 7 loot (with a bump to expedited shipping which I’m assuming is USPS Express On Crack). I’m a little miffed because I wanted to have Yggdrasil built and running yesterday as I’d plotted… but borrowing Joe “YOU LIE!” Wilson to make the above macro, and also watching the epic nerdrage fallout on the Best Buy forums is HIGHLY amusing and makes up for the annoyance. This is, like, epic ball-dropping, people! XD

In other news, I’ve still Pundit Games Ep. 5 and Haruko’s FE Bromide in the Ramen queue… I know for sure November’s going to involve doing the base stills for the AP podcast and while I would ordinarily begin doing Snowschemes as well (because I hate Thanksgiving), I could, uh… probably stand to pad the Magic Coin Block a little bit via Gourmet Ramen so I can better spoil reward my Across minions for their continued loyalty in December. >_>;;;

Parts and Labor V

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

…Oh Best Buy, you know how to bring the lulz. XD

Poking around on their forums and things has revealed that while some preorders have shipped, others have not and won’t until tomorrow or even AFTER. This is especially bad for their off-the-shelf systems which they advertised as getting free overnight shipping so they’d arrive tomorrow (the release of Win7). Either someone in Preorders goofed royally, or they got waaaaay more preorders than were expected, or, most likely, both. XD

I’m watching for the email telling me that my order’s shipped but as it’s so late in the day it’s becoming more and more doubtful that I’ll have ’em by tomorrow. Ah well. I may just assemble Iggy anyway and do a test boot (even if the furthest I’d be able to get is the CMOS config).

Re: Hurricane Rick

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Tell me I’m not the only one who thought of this when I first heard about it. SERIOUSLY, INTERNET. WTF?

Well, it’s possible that a similar version surfaced in /b/ but I don’t wander there.

Iggy the Robo-Fusoya gets built on Thursday (assuming Best Buy starts shipping out Win7 preorders early so they’ll arrive on the 22nd… wouldn’t put it past them to do that!). I’m SO breaking my usual “1 pizza/week” limit for the occasion >_>;