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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Double Feature

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Hi, my internets have been down since Monday. I totally blame Aeth for this outage. That said, I did manage to clear… TWO pieces of Ramen. Behold…

Some would say it’s almost scary how much politics has leaked into Ramen. >_>;
I don’t know. I see an opportunity and if the potential for lulz is great enough, I go for it.
I recall, during the inauguration coverage on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow was gushing over the presidential limo, and one thing led to another and next thing I know I’m sketching this thing. Somehow I managed to not butcher the other two, yet at the same time whack them with the anime stick. (I like to think that Chris Matthews is the Velan of MSNBC… when he does that “HAH!” he totally gets XD face.)

Why yes, this is the MSNBC/politics version of the Yukarimobile scenes in Azumanga Daioh. In hindsight… if I were evil enough, I’d have put in whats-his-face, the dude who’s the substitute host for Countdown when Keith Olbermann’s out. Oh yeah. He’d make the perfect standin for “traumatized Chiyo.” XD

Anywho…. NEXT:

Kit’s Episode 0 FE Bromide!
Originally drew it so I’d have something to stick on her wiki entry.
Yes, her ultimate body armor (Robe of Jurai) is pretty much a pink version of the robes that Pretty Sammy wears. I can’t remember if this was by request of Neo or if I thought he’d be hella-amused by it… probably both.

We’ve plumbers all over the house. There’s a leak somewhere under the master bedroom. x.x
Since this means nobody can really cook and such while they’re here… pizza! Omnomnom.

Of course, mother’s all “OMG MUST CLEAN,” which is scary for me since I’m, uh, hiding a freshly-repaired Synergy in my room. (Finally got her to boot yesterday, about damn time. Seems her original GeForce got fried, and I didn’t realize that when I meant to swap in mine for testing I kept putting in the dead one. A bonehead is me.) Actually, it makes me nervous when she cleans nearby my room to begin with… not so much dangerous intrusion into my personal space (which, with all these damn puppies, I have almost NONE of), but for some reason it gives her license to shred me for whatever the hell she feels like, and most of the time it REALLY isn’t called for, and then she yells at me more because I stress her out by being a bad person that causes her to pick some offense out of a hat to shred me over. WTF.

Also… Chrono Trigger DS.
Finally got New Game+. The extra dungeons are okay (I like the Dimensional Vortex slightly more).
I’ve not tried out the “new” final boss yet… might save that one for a future cycle. >_>;

(WIP) Best joyrider in the wooooorld!

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I’m getting there, I swear.
This is going to win so hard XD

(WIP) Still a liberal loon and proud of it

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

There is something wrong, yet hilarious and awesome, about drawing the MSNBC equivalent of the Yukarimobile scenes from Azumanga Daioh.
Also yaaaaay I totally didn’t mangle anyone…. yet! All that’s left is to ink Chris Matthews with his Velan-brand XD face. (No, seriously, the way he does that “HAH!” totally reeks of Velan. I swear that’s XD face if I’ve ever seen it.)

(WIP) Shamelessly liberal

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

For those who either don’t get MSNBC TV or don’t watch it or have no idea what the hell I’m talking about… um…
Take the final Yukarimobile scene from Azumanga Daioh and replace the occupants with three of MSNBC’s most prolific hosts!
(from left: Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow)

Ohgod I hope I don’t screw this up… but even if I do, I think I’d still get the point across… hopefully. XD


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I woke up JUST in time to watch our badass freaking Presidential overlord get sworn into office. I’d woken up earlier at 6am and flipped on the TV and apparently nodded off again… but fortunately my cat hopped on my bed at 9 on the dot. (Didn’t you know? My kitty lovss MSNBC. He especially perks up whenever Keith Olbermann’s on, mwahahaha…)

Oh, hi, the official White House website suddenly became awesome. XD

It’s, like… dude, we have the most badass freaking president *ever.*

OH! Did you hear the crowd while Bush’s chopper was leaving? I was JUST THINKING about that song… whose name I cannot remember, and then behind all the chattering of the MSNBC anchors, I heard the crowd singing that. PRICELESS. I bet it’ll show up on YouTube later.

Bren is getting a laptop. A Dinah (read: Compaq), no less. And, um, I’ve been tapped to configure this machine (“give it the Yoshi treatment”) before it gets sent up to her in Denver. Of course, mother can never know about this… a shame that she doesn’t share in my view of generosity (again, hers is more like a nicely-rephrased version of “greed ftw! charity towards one’s fellow man is for losers!”)

I was looking for an opening so I could step away to go shower and such (because I know I won’t get a chance to later) and it appears the inaugural luncheon is it.