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Dude went to Coin Heaven… Literally

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

*SMB1 Game Over*
Booooooooooo. T_T As much as I love Charles Martinet, my old-school Mario nerd insists that Albano was the best Mario actor. I remember being all WTF when Super Mario 64 hit and was (momentarily) pissed that Nintendo couldn’t get him and the other VAs back.

As Across’ nerd-in-chief, I order my minions and followers to DO THE MARIO as a final send-off! >:O!

also obligatory posting of the equally-dorkily-amusing opening

16-Bit Goombas FTW

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Oh YouTube, how I love you…

Would you say I’m a bad person if I said that I always preferred the All-Stars version of SMB1? (And, for that matter, the “upgraded” ports of 2, 3 and World?) I know, YAY 8-BIT LOLZ but for some reason this one just looked better and it’s not like it got that much of a difficulty tweak, if at all (also the addition of World’s sound effects helped!). It made me sad that this version never got released as part of the GBA ports.

Also this needs to not make me imagine a Ragnarok TWILIGHT-themed send-up of the whole freaking Mario franchise. Hell Legion Black Dragons would make convincing Koopa Troopas… (Seriously, we have ’em in the same colors.) Naturally this would also involve Yoshi wearing a goofy padded Yoshi suit and bitching about how she’s soooo NOT transportation. :P

I know I tend to Mario-cize a lot of things, but…. XD

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Thwomp The Vote XD;
Funny, I’d have thought they’d link Sarah Palin to Peach rather than Daisy.
And LAWL @ Toadsworth as Joe Biden. Wow, I’d have never thought to make that comparison.

I STILL think that the elections need to culminate with a 2vs2 Brawl. DOO EET. Pretty please?

In other news… with the evil stepfather retired, I don’t have to actually head to the library until about 4:30. Much as I like having those couple of hours where I don’t even have to think about wiggly puppies or raging drama queens or what have you (out of sight, out of mind!), it’s also nice to not wake up at noon and be all “OH CRAP MUST GET READY NOOOOW” and such. (Of course, I should probably not be sleeping in to noon as is…) Of course, all this is out the window as of Tuesday. Maybe. >_>;

Ah, here comes Kestine to claim his napping spot next to the window. Silly orange furball…