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BLING OR GTFO (Yoshi has a new shiny)

Friday, November 13th, 2015

Hey. Hey guys. Look. I got something neat a couple days ago.




Yes, because I am just that ridiculous, I got (read: sent my mother to acquire on my behalf) this iPad Pro here. It’s the 32GB Gold Wifi version, and basically is Dinah’s replacement body since that unfortunate thing we won’t talk about anymore.

No Apple Pencil yet (supposedly the first week of December?) but oh man, I’m getting that too. I can’t NOT get it. Dinah’s going to wreck so much face with that Pencil, so you can bet this will help a ton with art stuff. Even without the pencil, the sound and video quality are amazing! YouTube and Netflix will shine on her. :D

Also, there’s some other stuff about me having to go back to the hospital because my hernia staples were misbehaving and causing an infection, but I don’t want to think about it anymore since it’s punching me in the face with the sads. (Hospitals are terrible. Not because of the people– they’re awesome and do good work. It’s everything ELSE that is shitty.)

Third time’s the charm

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Blastoise’s replacement video card (the EVGA GTX550) hits tomorrow. A step back from what I was packing before, but, hell, according to [info]seraphzero it works and, slightly more importantly, I get my dual monitors back so I can freaking roll Instant Ramen and other stuff again. (Note to self: Driver #270 or GTFO)

In other news, even though I have all these games and projects backlogged, I am inexplicably bored out of my mind. Do not want! Also incredibly lonely and such, but that’s not new. >_>; Where’s my cat, I need some purrbot time now…

Ninjas and Stuff

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Well! That RAM upgrade certainly did do wonders for Dinah. It’s invisible in terms of effect on day-to-day usage (browsing the internets and such) but what it did to is make her WoW installation playable! Before I could barely wade through to attend to Auction House and mailbox and guild chat, but feeding the ninja laptop an extra 2 GB (well, actually 4 since I had to replace both slots) was just what she needed. She’s definitely raid-viable now, and is better than Yggdrasil in that I don’t have to deal with FPS-killing “senior moments.” She does run a little hot but that appears to be the extent of the stress on her as she otherwise goes back to room temperature-ish once I close out. Go go awesome ninja MacBook!

(Bonus awesome: the mac client for Vent is compatible with my guild’s server, and I’ve been told I have much better sound quality. Hot.)

Still waiting on my video card before I can assemble Blastoise. Originally sourced through an Amazon subseller, that order got canned because the subseller got some bad card in their shipment and opted to kill and refund everyone’s orders rather than risk sending out a bad card. Smart move for everyone, mildly inconvenient for me because I wanted to have Blastoise built and running before Thursday’s raid (but since testing Dinah earlier today, I’m sure the ninja will be able to handle things in Blastoise’s place, and as far as keyboard/mouse setup goes she’s not as awkward as Yggdrasil)

His case is here, and yesterday I did the final extraction of the parts being carried over (Blu Ray optical drive and flash memory reader). I wanted to temporarily reuse Blastoise’s old 9800GTX so I could start the rebuild now and drop in the newer card when it arrives, but… uh… I must have done a really good job seating that video card, because no matter how many things I unclamped/unscrewed and pried out of the way, that thing was NOT coming out. Oh well.

I ended up reordering the N560GTX from NewEgg. (I’d considered asking mother to pop into Best Buy during her errands but the one here is totally cleaned out of ’em. Bah!) I had thought that the card would be coming from farther away (East Coast) but it’s originating from… freaking West Covina.
On UPS 3rd Day.
Can we say “Overnight by Technicality?” XD
I will laugh if it DOESN’T hit tomorrow (though if it does, circumstances will work against me and the UPS truck will arrive after the raid starts. :P)

Celestial Thorn, the iPhone

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Did I say how much I love love LOVE my Verizon iPhone?

Because I do. I mean, my LG enV was awesome for the 3-ish years I had it, but I was really glad Verizon got the iPhone when it did because my battery had gone to crap.

For one thing, which turned out to be my greatest annoyance from my old phone: no more having to worry about running out of room for incoming TXT/MMS messages, EVER. YES! As far as I know, the concept of the message inbox has been done away with entirely in favor of threading by contacts in something like iChat (AIM for Mac). On previous phones, I kept having to clean out my message inbox, which means I’d end up losing TXTs I’d wanted to keep. It wasn’t so bad for picture/video since I could save those out to the SD card, but since everything is saved on the iPhone’s giant hard drive (relative to… whatever piddly storage was on old feature and semi-feature phones), I can hold as many messages as I want henceforth. YAY!

I need to find out how mother’s inserting extra icons into her messages (she’s using cheeseburger and dollar sign and other icons). I’m thinking it’s probably a different app than the normal version. As much as I facepalm at her spamminess, those icons are cute and rather unobtrusive…

I haven’t played around too much with the camera, aside from a single shot of Kestine. This will almost certainly change in the near-future. For one thing, no more having to send pic-tweets as MMS, now I can upload directly to TwitPic via TweetDeck, with video-tweets going to YouTube. :P As for future camera abuse… let’s just say that I’m going to need to address this “buh I talk funny and I don’t like the sound of my own voice” and possibly have to correct this by force… and possibly your great amusement. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’m totally getting a heart-shaped Papa Johns pizza today. Tried to get one a few days ago but for some reason I got locked out of online ordering. I’d like to think I’ll, uh, compensate for this and yesterday’s Jack in the Box by following Kestine and other kitties around with my iPhone. >_>;

White Ninja, out in the open

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Dinah had her coming out party today. Mother was, as usual, late in getting up (she’d been awake for awhile, but playing with her iPad), and I’d sensed an Android phone lurking on the house LAN. I thought that this was another secret acquisition (since she’d also looted an AppleTV and a new network printer to keep on the other side of the Puppy Border) and if she’d given up on waiting for the iPhone.

Nah, turns out the Android was just some visitor who decided to tap into Altima and borrow mah internets.

Mother is so stupidly amused by her iPad; she’s got a custom skin for it with one of the bulldogs (Baby Girl, the fatass white female), and she looted an iPhone-sized version for when those happen. I decided I may as well go for it: “iPad, bah, I got something better.” And then I went and got Dinah.

Short version of what happened after:

– Dinah is NOT a Galaxy Tab. WTF. They don’t come in white!
– Dinah is NOT a MacBook Air, either… she has an optical drive and 2 USB ports rather than 1, and I wanted something that could play WoW. (Which she does, and rather well!)
– The only thing I haven’t been able to put back on or otherwise replace on Dinah is Painter. There’s also Winamp, but in its place I use VLC. As for Painter… uh… the torrents clearly favor Windows. I’m just going to wait for 12 to hit and buy that; since v11 Corel has included installers for both Windows and Mac on the same media. >_>;
– Quote of the day: “She looks like someone painted her in Carnation milk.” HAH!
– Why yes, the Apple logo on the back DOES light up.
– No, I’m not getting a Kestine cover. I love my big orange bastard, but I’m not THAT crazy. :P

Pizza Wednesday. New– or rather, returning after a looooong hiatus– challenger? Domino’s. Been curious about their overhaul for awhile. Brooklyn-style pizza + chicken parmesan sammich… let’s see if it’s as nomtasty as they claim!