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Well! That RAM upgrade certainly did do wonders for Dinah. It’s invisible in terms of effect on day-to-day usage (browsing the internets and such) but what it did to is make her WoW installation playable! Before I could barely wade through to attend to Auction House and mailbox and guild chat, but feeding the ninja laptop an extra 2 GB (well, actually 4 since I had to replace both slots) was just what she needed. She’s definitely raid-viable now, and is better than Yggdrasil in that I don’t have to deal with FPS-killing “senior moments.” She does run a little hot but that appears to be the extent of the stress on her as she otherwise goes back to room temperature-ish once I close out. Go go awesome ninja MacBook!

(Bonus awesome: the mac client for Vent is compatible with my guild’s server, and I’ve been told I have much better sound quality. Hot.)

Still waiting on my video card before I can assemble Blastoise. Originally sourced through an Amazon subseller, that order got canned because the subseller got some bad card in their shipment and opted to kill and refund everyone’s orders rather than risk sending out a bad card. Smart move for everyone, mildly inconvenient for me because I wanted to have Blastoise built and running before Thursday’s raid (but since testing Dinah earlier today, I’m sure the ninja will be able to handle things in Blastoise’s place, and as far as keyboard/mouse setup goes she’s not as awkward as Yggdrasil)

His case is here, and yesterday I did the final extraction of the parts being carried over (Blu Ray optical drive and flash memory reader). I wanted to temporarily reuse Blastoise’s old 9800GTX so I could start the rebuild now and drop in the newer card when it arrives, but… uh… I must have done a really good job seating that video card, because no matter how many things I unclamped/unscrewed and pried out of the way, that thing was NOT coming out. Oh well.

I ended up reordering the N560GTX from NewEgg. (I’d considered asking mother to pop into Best Buy during her errands but the one here is totally cleaned out of ’em. Bah!) I had thought that the card would be coming from farther away (East Coast) but it’s originating from… freaking West Covina.
On UPS 3rd Day.
Can we say “Overnight by Technicality?” XD
I will laugh if it DOESN’T hit tomorrow (though if it does, circumstances will work against me and the UPS truck will arrive after the raid starts. :P)

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