White Ninja, out in the open

Dinah had her coming out party today. Mother was, as usual, late in getting up (she’d been awake for awhile, but playing with her iPad), and I’d sensed an Android phone lurking on the house LAN. I thought that this was another secret acquisition (since she’d also looted an AppleTV and a new network printer to keep on the other side of the Puppy Border) and if she’d given up on waiting for the iPhone.

Nah, turns out the Android was just some visitor who decided to tap into Altima and borrow mah internets.

Mother is so stupidly amused by her iPad; she’s got a custom skin for it with one of the bulldogs (Baby Girl, the fatass white female), and she looted an iPhone-sized version for when those happen. I decided I may as well go for it: “iPad, bah, I got something better.” And then I went and got Dinah.

Short version of what happened after:

– Dinah is NOT a Galaxy Tab. WTF. They don’t come in white!
– Dinah is NOT a MacBook Air, either… she has an optical drive and 2 USB ports rather than 1, and I wanted something that could play WoW. (Which she does, and rather well!)
– The only thing I haven’t been able to put back on or otherwise replace on Dinah is Painter. There’s also Winamp, but in its place I use VLC. As for Painter… uh… the torrents clearly favor Windows. I’m just going to wait for 12 to hit and buy that; since v11 Corel has included installers for both Windows and Mac on the same media. >_>;
– Quote of the day: “She looks like someone painted her in Carnation milk.” HAH!
– Why yes, the Apple logo on the back DOES light up.
– No, I’m not getting a Kestine cover. I love my big orange bastard, but I’m not THAT crazy. :P

Pizza Wednesday. New– or rather, returning after a looooong hiatus– challenger? Domino’s. Been curious about their overhaul for awhile. Brooklyn-style pizza + chicken parmesan sammich… let’s see if it’s as nomtasty as they claim!


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