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This is Halloween

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

…and I cannot find my bloody witch hat so I can be Yoshi the Half-Assed Black Mage. Booooo!

Really, though, today’s been one gigantic lazy-fest. Well, more than it normally is.
However, I finally got to shower! And I didn’t clog the drain! Yaaaaaaay! XD

Altima Network Windows 7 Deployment: Status of the LAN right now:
Blastoise: OK, but still hates Bluetooth. Running Win7 Pro.
Dinah: OK, has a mysterious “Mass Storage Controller” that is missing drivers and I don’t know WTF it is but it doesn’t appear to be interfering with anything, so I’ll just ignore it. Running Win7 Home Premium.
Yggdrasil: DOWN, no POST, deployment postponed until late December/early January barring new parts (or the coins to loot them) magically appearing in my Magic Coin Block.
Onyx: OK (good god, mother’s desk is a MESS) Running Win7 Pro.
Tsunami: OK Running Win7 Home Premium
Jin: TBA (not yet transferred)

While Iggy’s a no-go for now… I can, however, burn gift cards and such on fixing my audio input issues in preparation for the AP podcast. Blastoise apparently hates Bluetooth in any form (so much that he cannibalized my Hamachi, hence yesterday’s sudden breakage of its software NIC), so I can’t use my badass Bluetooth headset for voice chat and whatnot. I imagine Dinah will react the same way, so I won’t even bother. Rather, I’ll just loot a USB headset that will be just for those two (and Iggy, eventually).

All is Quiet on the holiday Ramen Front… for now: I am… totally drawing blanks on what, if anything, to doodle for Across Halloween ’09. Denroll‘s already been done, and we’ve already had plenty of headfire and candy theft… and Numair the Great Pumpkin. Bah. November will be divided between prepping base graphics for the AP podcast and any Gourmet Ramens that come up (I’ll post a detailed refresher about that tomorrow), and December will hopefully yield plenty of those awesome Snowschemes. >:D

Stupid-funny Nerd Moments

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Oh Amazon. XD

I’d set it to consolidate my order into as few shipments as possible (in this case, it was supposed to be 2– understandably, it would be impractical to haul a JINT box with a case and a bunch of smaller things). But Amazon does not fail to amuse, as it decided to split off my PSU from the video card and the network adapter.

So now I’ll have three boxes, and since they all shipped on different days… yeah.

On a shallow level, though, it’ll kinda feel like I’m getting more shinies BECAUSE it’s 3 boxes instead of 2. SCORE!

As usual, I am late to the anime party. (Inversely, I am ahead on video games… sort of.)
At the prodding of [info]neophoenixte I finally looted Lucky Star. And there are much lulz to be had at Konata. Way too many parallels with me there. Similarly, one could say that Konata is pretty much Haruko wearing a Yoshi wig. XD

“Azumanga with a heavy nerd slant” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe this. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking “holy crap, I DO THAT TOO.” XD

Finally, I had an Awesome BSOD (as in, a BSOD triggered by something awesome). To add to my stupidly-huge list of reasons why Yuri Lowenthal currently tops my list of favorite voice actors (others include “played Luke and Asch, played Haseo, played Cecil, is hilarious on Twitter, did the Mudkips meme on camera, compared Luke and Asch to Gollum/Smeagol” to name a few), I must now add “has a pet cat.”

And not just any cat…

An ORANGE cat.

And said kitty is a lovey-dovey boy-toy, just like my Kestine.
(naturally, conspiracy theories abound that the Lowen-cat is potentially one of Kestine’s littermates. Both do have quite a bit of white on ’em… though Kestine’s face has a white ninja mask-like pattern where the other one’s all orange)

TEN MILLION– excuse me, BILLION AWESOME POINTS. I’m sorry, but my orange kitty fandom is such that I cannot help but squee immensely at these things.

Thus, justification for breaking out the SD Cecil “squeh!” icon for the LJ edition (rather than the Sakaki icon I would normally break out for general kitty love).

Now, I should probably eat these burgers before they get cold. (They got here just as I opened up Semagic to write this.)

More bad moon humor…

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

So, what DID President Obama see when he looked through that telescope? The moon?

Better, he saw this:

Fusoya is not amused. XD

…I’m sorry XD

What I’m doing instead of drawing

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

As a continuiation from yesterday’s Mario post that semi-derailed into speculation of a Ragnarok TWILIGHT parody of the whole damned thing, time for some MORE bad speculation as to what it would be like…

Hikaru would be the main character, of course. Logically it would make sense to pair her off with Deeum (that is, Deeum would fill the Luigi role, because Deeum is, functionally, Hikaru’s Star Dragon counterpart) but because everyone and their cat would assume otherwise, the Luigi role goes to Numair instead. The man DOES come with a built-in fire flower and can probably jump higher… AND he wears green! (Deeum would be better suited for Zelda parodies… mwahahaha)
Also, Haruko would be an unlockable.

Coins would, of course, become Zeny Coins.

Mushrooms? Screw that, we have Ygg Berries!
1-up Mushrooms, of course, would become Ygg Leaves. (Duh.)
And who needs Fire Flowers if you have Pyre Spheres? (totally ignoring my previous statment about Numair having inherent fire flower ability…)

Upgrades would be “chibified -> Ep. 1 initial gear -> Ep. 2 final gear”
There is, of course, the little problem of Hikaru lacking ranged powers outside of dragon form (which would be her version of Starman-granted invincibility). But then again, that’s why Pyre Spheres replace fire flowers!
I can’t think of what would replace Starman. I’d say a Twilight symbol but that would only work on Hikaru… oh wait, this is Grand Theft Everything after all. Star Spheres! Numair’s equivalent: a Gunslinger mecha. >:D

End of Level flags would become Save Spheres, and Warp Pipes are now gates into the Asgard Network’s flat stages (they are, more or less, a form of Warp Zones after all…)

Hell Legion Black Dragons would STILL make convincing Koopa Troopa standins. Hell, we got ’em in all colors. (even though Koopas didn’t come in more than 2 colors until SMW anyway) And in World 8, they would become Omega-series >:D
Much as I like Porings, they fit the Goomba mold all too well. (We DO hide behind the “miasma infection” card for enemy Porings in RT, though…)
Mandragoras for Pirahna Plants, of course.
Orc Warriors as Hammer Bros, hell yeah.
Black Dragons would also fill for Lakitu.
I’m inclined to say Prinnies as Bullet Bills, bahahaha.
…and I am totally drawing blanks for the other guys, halp @_@

Bosses? Oh boy…
Baphomet, Drake, Werewolf, Doppelganger (!), Eddga, Orc Lord, Astral Dragon and Omega Baphomet+Lord of Death (because I’m a jerk and would pair those two back to back :P)

I take back my previous comment about Yoshi wearing a ridiculous-looking padded Yoshi suit. She can be Peach! :P
In place of Toads, you get… the rest of the guild. (They got captured? No… they’re too busy boozing it up or otherwise slacking off to care.)

…so yeah. Oh, the things that one thinks of when they should be doing something slightly more productive. Oh well!

16-Bit Goombas FTW

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Oh YouTube, how I love you…

Would you say I’m a bad person if I said that I always preferred the All-Stars version of SMB1? (And, for that matter, the “upgraded” ports of 2, 3 and World?) I know, YAY 8-BIT LOLZ but for some reason this one just looked better and it’s not like it got that much of a difficulty tweak, if at all (also the addition of World’s sound effects helped!). It made me sad that this version never got released as part of the GBA ports.

Also this needs to not make me imagine a Ragnarok TWILIGHT-themed send-up of the whole freaking Mario franchise. Hell Legion Black Dragons would make convincing Koopa Troopas… (Seriously, we have ’em in the same colors.) Naturally this would also involve Yoshi wearing a goofy padded Yoshi suit and bitching about how she’s soooo NOT transportation. :P