(WIP) Day-old red velvet cake

I promise I’m working on it. Taking a step back from the WoWs since I just took 2 characters from 80-85 back to back (Rei and Dinah) and finished capping their professions, and now I’m working on Gourmet Ramen. Wee~

On a weird note, Kestine nicked my leg trying to jump on the desk to flee from one of the newbie cats that was chasing him (WIMP!). It bled quite a bit but stopped just as quickly… and now there’s just… well, I THINK it’s water? Sure feels like it. All I know is that I have to keep sponging it. It doesn’t look like anything dangerous, so I’ll just have to wait it out. Or I could actually be an elemental mutant and this is how I get super powers. :P Just saying…

I should, like, try and sleep which of course means I’m actually going to play Angry Birds… going to stand by for the UPS dood around 10:30 because OMFG IPHONE. Mother only got one shipping notice and hasn’t gotten anymore and the order status console hasn’t said anything, so we’re guessing this shipment will have both our iPhones. I have my ringtones ready and just need to funnel them into Dinah’s iTunes so she can load ’em up. :D :D :D

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