Still an iDork

Not only do I have my iPhone preordered (and narrowly averted a VERY LONG WAIT that my stepfather nearly caused in gobbling up my stored New Every Two credit when he was neglectful and let one of those dumb bulldogs chew up his phone), but I’m among those whose phones got shipped out early. :D Feb. 7, here I come! (LJ version: My fangirl Flonne face, let me show it to you…)

The only thing better is knowing that if Evil Stepfather’s phone gets damaged by OMG BULLDOG or what-have-you again, he’s SOL until 2012. That’s what he gets for taking my NE2 credit, that jerk. I could have made him pay for my data plan, but this is good enough. Ah, the data plan… at first I didn’t think I’d have much use for it, but if it’s as good as Verizon is claiming (they’re saying “unlimited,” I’m assuming they really mean 5GB), this could be fun and useful as I ramp up plans to reboot my license and reclaim the Yoshi Car. *insert unfocused drivel about silly “city exploration missions” and excuses to play with the iPhone GPS*


Super Bowl this Sunday. And by that I mean PUPPY BOWL because Super Bowl is crazy amounts of BOOOORIIING and as much as I am a cat person, I’d rather watch a bunch of puppies romp and tumble for my amusement. Well, there’s the kitty half-time, too. (btw, iPhone + Dinah = you’re going to be seeing a LOT more of Kestine, via YouTube HD and possibly even live-streaming)

I do actually have one reason to care about Super Bowl this time– if it goes into overtime, Papa Johns will grant everyone in their rewards program a free pizza credit. You know where this is going, right? >:D

Finally, I got new glasses last week. My script changed only BARELY enough to warrant new lenses. I’d snap pictures but it’s just the 2011 refresh of my previous frames (purple-pink Carolee). I was going to try and reuse my old frames, since I thought LensCrafters could simply tweak them and replace the lenses… but I suppose not, and the 2011 version was on sale anyway. Ah well.

Ahahaha, oh crap, there is one downside to getting my iPhone early– I need to, uh, go convert all my old ringtones on Dinah, like… now. o_o And probably edit some new ones (like the Lavos theme and TROLOLOLO). As far as I know, everyone on my phone who has a ringtone will retain their existing one unless I stumble upon something better, and I need to edit one for myself to slap on mother’s iPhone for my entry, else she’ll put something awful in there. >_>;

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