How to Set ASCII Bunnies on Fire

So, uh… remember how I was all “omg iPhone on Monday?” Let’s pretend I actually meant Tuesday because Verizon is a dork and despite my phone being ordered within 10 minutes of mothers, saw fit to put mine on the SLOWEST UPS TRUCK EVER making delivery rounds on Tuesday. Seriously, the truck did not get here until, what, 7pm? o_O And then, despite my telling mother that we ought to read the paperwork before doing activation to make sure we don’t botch the DB switch (the one that tells Verizon that despite using up Evil Stepfather’s NE2 credit, the phone is mine)… she’s all “OMG HURRY UP AND ACTIVATE SO I CAN SPAM YOU WITH ASCII BUNNIES.” And, whaddya know, the phone got keyed to Evil Stepfather’s line and knocks out both our phones in the process. GOOD GOING THAR.

But that’s fixed, the phone is keyed to my line (though it still has some of Evil Stepfather’s data stuck on it, ew). There were a couple of other bumps– I can’t hack the ringtones for TXT/MMS (but I can for normal calls), and my Angry Birds iOS save files are gone. :( I thought they’d get transferred via sync but I guess not.

All those aside… AWESOME PHONE IS AWESOME. Where the iPod was “Celestial Rose,” the iPhone is “Celestial Thorn” because the theme here is that they are Dinah’s weapons (ninja swords, specifically) that she dual-wields like any badass ninja-bot. :D This is also my first true smartphone with a data plan and such. I’m kinda wary of Verizon’s claim that it’s “unlimited” (I tend to read “unlimited” as really meaning “5 GB”) but they put out a statement a couple days ago to the effect of “do your worst, though we reserve the right to throttle abusive users.” Um… sure, okay. I’ll believe you for now, though for practical reasons I’ll use wifi when available. :)

Oh! Completely unadvertised but redonkulously fun feature: the iPhone camera bits have a barcode/QR scanner. For stupid amounts of fun, loot the RedLaser app (free!) and go nuts scanning just about every barcode you can find. You may not always get anything of substance (for instance, scanning my copy of The Phantom Tollbooth only told me I was holding a “Paperback Book”). Scanning DVD barcodes will do a price search, scanning food items will at the very least ID them, and maybe pull up nutritional data and attempt a price/deal search… and then there are QR codes, which can lead to some fun things. This Papa Johns pizza box had a QR code that takes you to their mobile website for yet another Coupon code, but you can cram much more into a QR code than a normal barcode. (Inversely, it would be fun to scatter QR codes that would link to random Instant Ramen or other specialized art pieces… :D)

Also holy crap I should sleep, like, soon. Yeah. Blastoise is pestering me to let him reboot (lol Windows Update). Ahh, keep your armor on, you big lug. :P


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