An exercise in wasted, misdirected hate

I don’t really call myself a Lady Gaga fan (despite a couple podcasts on TWiT busting out Bad Romance and Poker Face, which are stuck in my head), but I saw this trainwreck of a “parody” linked on the Twitter. And, well…

Really, dood? Putting aside the horrible compression on this (worse than what YouTube is normally capable of, though it looks like it may have been recaptured from another source)… really? So much effort put into what amounts to little more than spiteful taunting. Of course, this comes from Westboro Baptist, so it’d certainly be too much to ask for them to, you know, redirect all that flame-fanning and hate into something more constructive.

I won’t even touch on the severely malformed religious fail in here. *facepalm*

My chair’s support ring is broken. Well, crap. I dropped, like, $150 on this thing and I’ve only had it for a little under 6 months. Hopefully I can get a replacement ring or otherwise get it fixed (I’ve got a giant freaking blue ball to sit on in the meantime, but…). Failing that, I’ma need a lot more pillows, specially a toddler pillow, they are so comfy I love them! :\

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