Writer’s Block: A rose by any other name

Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

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Longtime readers of Ayarane Project would be aware that my birth name is a really, really bad joke/pun related to my birthday and sometime in ’99 I’d started to abandon it in common usage. And my original surname gets mangled 90% of the time… “Ayarane” too is a botch of it, but happens to be an AWESOME corruption.

I’ve yet to make the changeover to Yoshi Ayarane official and don’t really feel a rush to (because in California, it holds just as much water as my original name on everything but things like my state ID/social security card, and on the former it’s listed as an official alias). In real space, I leave it up to the other person as to which name they wish to call me by; that said, Yoshi is finally sticking within family. :)

I rarely get any weird questions about it (you know, the obvious ones asking if I’m in any way named after the Mario character), which is much, MUCH better than the obnoxious questions about my birth name (FFS yes, it IS about my birthday, which happens to be the worst day EVER to have a birthday on, tied with Christmas). There was, however, a post on [info]fandomsecrets a few days ago in which someone was getting a ton of flak about naming her unborn daughter Yoshi, and this made me sad. Why the hate, doods? Yoshi is a perfectly fine and cute name and last I checked, there’s nothing that says you must be of the same ethnicity that said name comes from. Hell, there was a Yoshi on TechTV and he was this huge white guy. :P


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