New TV freaking GET. And… well, maybe this is because I haven’t watched TV in awhile, but I think this one actually looks better than my old set. The colors are a lot stronger, for one thing!

Also, Samsung has ditched the 8-bit bootup jingles. This would be kind of boo (even though it’s a fluff feature) but what has replaced it makes up for the lack of the pseudo-Konami sound. :D It’s this pretty little bumper, as if to say “good morning, how do you want to TV it up today?” The OSD is now in full color; selecting the source video is reminiscent of the Xbox 360.

I’m not too fond of the remote, though… but that’s a non-issue since I’m reconfiguring this Harmony remote (which I originally looted to replace the Slingcatcher remote that I thought had been lost) to use in its place. :P

I’m sure my PS3 and Wii are going to want to patch too, but Yggdrasil gets first dibs so he can fix up his antivirus and such. Speaking of which, I found out why he stopped letting me tap in via LogMeIn; he had no head, therefore there was no desktop to go TO. Ha ha ha… should have been obvious, right? I mean, I could tap in while the TV was off, but I guess he can tell when the monitor/TV is dead. Nowhere to output to, so he just idled in blank mode. (Yet he could still operate Hamachi and host files on the LAN… weird!)

What will get the honor of being the first thing watched on my TV? NSFW. Yes… a not-TV show on a TV. Well, the proper term is IPTV… oh, you get the idea! :P TWiT Live as a whole outputs video in very nice quality, though, and if you were to fullscreen it on an actual TV, it’s pretty indistinguishable from a SDTV channel. :)

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