Ghosts in the Television

It’s June 1. Today my awesome new TV gets here, and there shall be much happiness because this means Yggdrasil gets his head back, and I can use my PS3 and Wii again. :D :D :D

In the meantime, join me in a bit of WTF in the form of Ghostbusters Pachinko:

On one hand, how badass does this look? I wish this was an actual video game as opposed to a video-enhanced pachinko machine. It’d be pretty freaking awesome on the Wii! (Similarly, this is giving me major flashbacks of Luigi’s Mansion.)
On the other hand… epic, EPIC FAIL for omitting Winston. Dude. He was AWESOME. :( And yet this just pretends he never existed.
I don’t want to jump to the “racefail” card off the bat, but… yeah, WTF Japan? o_O

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