(WIP) March of the Avatars IV + Salvaged Sapling

First, an update to the Yggdrasil situation.

I tweeted this earlier but didn’t get a chance to elaborate further.
Thanks to some… unexpected assistance from mother (who cannot fathom the thought of leaving a system incomplete until January), Yggdrasil will be brought online next week. Yeah, she actually wants Iggy finished faster than I do. WTF, right?

I am surely overthinking this and should be squeeing my pants off over getting the coins needed to get the needed replacement parts sooner rather than later. I guess I’m just too used to these things being giant traps. Which, of course, this PROBABLY IS, but mother insists, so…

Bonus awesome: I had enough Wells Fargo rewards points piled up to generate a $25 Amazon eCert. Awesome because I could use it immediately. I was literally seconds from submitting the Amazon order when at the last moment I raided my rewards status to see if there was anything I could do to slash the grand total further. That eCert dropped the total from $206 to $181, w00t!

So, if all goes well, I’ll have a Yggdrasil on the network sometime next week. :D

And now, time for some more Avatar WIPs!

Onyx is colored! Again, a full-size version will be released when all six are done.

Dinah gets inked. I have to move the layers to get all of her because of her high ponytail.

Tsunami got inked too. Ah, this makes me miss archery class…

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