(WIP) Avatars come in 3’s

Blastoise will be down tomorrow due to power outage (and also because as soon as I get home, I’m installing that Blu-Ray drive I’ve had since, uh, Yoshi Day). While he is inherently the superior machine for Instant Ramen, Dinah is capable of stepping up to the plate if needed.

That said, Dinah is much better suited for finer detail stuff such as inking and coloring… if only because of screen size. So, in the interest of letting her do what she does best, I decided to just do the wireframes for all 3 Avatars (Blastoise, Dinah and Yggdrasil) at once.

Blastoise, the turtle Pokemon spearman
You know, I liked his previous design, so I kept most of it in this revision. He does, however, get new headgear and a weapon change– now he’s got a spear, no thanks to all that time spent in Phantasy Star Universe. >_>;;; Not quite evident in the wireframe, but Blastoise now has a Jade Curtiss-esque upper cape and eartails.

Dinah, the ninja
Dinah, on the flipside, pretty much got redone entirely. Her original incarnation was more or less a speed-painted adaptation of her City of Heroes incarnation. This time, she actually looks like a ninja! Additionally, just because, Dinah also gets the same buttcape as Blastoise, and similar footgear (except Dinah’s go above the knee rather than just underneath).
Like Blastoise, Dinah also gets a weapon tweak: a swallow/doublesaber. I was going to trade in her old katana for twin blades, but this looks better.

Yggdrasil (“Iggy”), the seer
This old man does not yet exist, but upon the release of Windows 7 he will be cobbled together from 2/3 spare parts (Synergy’s old mobo+CPU+RAM, Blastoise’s old DVD writer and GeForce 7600GT) and become my media center box to get slapped onto my HDTV.
He’s based on a combination of Phil and ToD2!Garr. To a smaller degree, FuSoYa, if only because long hair and beard are LOOOOOOOOONG. Why do I have this fixation on badass old guys? Completely platonic, mind you (if you must ask THAT question, it would be Blastoise hands-down), but WTF all the same.

I could draw Avatar forms of the remaining machines on the network (Onyx, Jin, Tsunami and Tiger) but… eh. Those aren’t even mine, and even if I made wallpapers out of ’em, they wouldn’t be much appreciated and replaced with LOL BULLDOGS within an hour. -_-; So, just Blastoise, Dinah and old man Iggy, here.

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