More ORLY than ORLY

Today just flew by really fast, as soon as I got here. I did more reading then drawing (and, if you’ve seen the twitter/twitpic feed on the AP hub, just looking out the window because it’s a really nice view from up here), but that’s okay. I’ma see if I can just do this every Tuesday.

One minor point of annoyance, though… I get that libraries and such would use filters. But why, WHY is Ayarane Project blocked and considered a Malicious Site? ;_; Even weirder is that this only affects the hub: the Ramen subdomain still works. WTF. This just means that I’ll have to, er, wait until I get home to reverse-tag any entries I make, blah. I wonder if there’s a way to petition Websense to get me unblocked, it’s just silly to tell my spaceship to GTFO. :( I have pictures of KITTIES, for smoo’s sake.

Anyway, time to pack up Dinah… once I get home, need to crack open Blastoise and put in his Blu-ray drive. About freaking time. :P

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