Wednesday Winner

Blastoise is now packing Blu-ray. Yeah, I’ve had the drive since April, but I’m so lazy about cracking him open since he’s my media server. (Though, Iggy will assume that role when I build him later this year.)

Within an hour or so, I will FINALLY have a mini-freezer in my laboratory. Should be very useful now that we’re hitting the really hot parts of summer, but overall it’ll drastically increase my options in terms of storing munchies up here. :P

Also… I win.
My spoony brother finally yielded to logic and traded in his old-ass SD cable box for an HD-DVR. It just now sinks in that it would have been EXTREMELY boneheaded for him to stay with an SD box after going through all the trouble to get that huge HDTV.
In December, I’ll show him the joy of Slingbox+Slingcatcher– hello being able to tap into DVR recordings from anywhere, and fixes the lack of cable connection to the TV in his room by being able to pull the signal from his DVR. >:D

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