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(Undercooked Ramen) What level is Nancy Pelosi, again?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Today’s Undercooked Ramen brought to you by playing way too much Disgaea.

…of course, if there are Prinnies involved, this could be a BIT problematic.

Concurrently, things like the above are why this feature is called Undercooked Ramen. :P The glory of half-baked ideas~

(Undercooked Ramen) TIME PARADOX

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

If you would indulge me a “crazy fangirl” moment here…

I was checking Twitter earlier and find one of my favorite VAs live-tweeting from Medieval Times*… and mentions of mead and iPhones led to this Undercooked Ramen piece:


…which, of course, I tweeted just for the hell of it. But when I came back upstairs, I find this sitting in the buffer:

“@ayarane and that’s exactly what I looked like!”


I know. It’s extremely trivial and I swear I’m trying not to read too much into it but…. at the same time, there are no WORDS to describe the level of amusement. It’s greater than ROFLCOPTER. I was only half-thinking when I scrawled that Undercooked piece (only ehough to address “dude, did I get his hair right?”) and yet… oh wow.

Neo is TOTALLY going to throw the envy satellite at me in the morning XD

* Dude, one of my few remaining memories of elementary school entailed all of the first graders going to Medieval Times for a field trip. I can STILL remember the teachers telling everyone to stfu and stop chanting “Black and White!” but nobody listened. XD I recall getting a black and white paper crown, too.

(LJ version: this SO gets Kitestamped. XD)

(Undercooked) 27

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I can’t draw Draenei worth anything. :P
The flailing “:D” one is Dalmont and the floaty one with LOLS is boss Buffsrus (whom I’ve taken to just calling boss)
…maybe I should have done Robert’s CoH incarnation instead. >_>;

SO Today is my spoony brother’s birthday. Seeing as Robert has plenty of nice things in teh WoWz (and boss beat me to making a Wispcloak, boooo), uh… the only thing I could think of ingame is leaving Delicious Chocolate Cake in his main’s inbox, with a note that while I had volunteer service today, I would be available Friday for, er, not-birthday-related stuff. Presumably involving food. Because apparently it’s okay for Robert to be a dork about birthdays but not everyone else.

That’s now semi-out the window, since mother thinks we can wedge in something between me getting out of volunteer service and Robert having to go to work. Oi…

I’ll figure out something?

New Ramen Classification: UNDERCOOKED

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Introducing a new type of ramen… undercooked! (name credit goes to Aeth, of all people.)
Cover pencil only, one layer only, no color, scribbled in 10 minutes or less.
Sometimes the best ideas really are half-baked.