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Choo choo~

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

This. The more I read, the more I feel I have to go. Ideally, the full Los Angeles to Seattle route (because… dude… SEATTLE, HELL YEAH), but even a custom Los Angeles to Sacramento version would be fine too.

(Dammit, why do my internets tank whenever I write an LJ post about trains? For the past two days, my internets have crashed every time I start writing about how I’ve been staying up the past couple of nights just reading about other people’s train rides. YAR.)

*about a half-hour later…*


Still have no motivation to draw. Still need to order a replacement Slingbox… I may just wait to see what VPI says on how much they’ll reimburse me for Kestine’s last appointment before I go buying anything. This train lust is nice but it doesn’t do much in terms of kicking me back into drawing stuff. I know [info]seraphzero has been waiting quite awhile on those Sleepover scribbles… >_>;;;

In OTHER NEWS… people who have a Hamachi link to Blastoise will find that my music and video stashes on my secondary drive are now accessible. Steal away! (I need to rebuild my seiyuu folders again though… at the very least my Hikaru Midorikawa folder. It’s trapped on my damaged firewire drive. Extreme sadface.)

And the Yoshi Train jokes begin… now.

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I had this whine-fest about how bulldogs are driving me nuts and I don’t know how much more I can tolerate and BLAAAAH, but after a bit of trimming and thinking and such, it’s come to this:

…I want to travel. Well, more like if I value my life, I really ought to travel.

And, well, I’ve never been on a train before. I mean, airplanes hell yeah, but I’m obviously more of a “slow and steady wins the race” person. So, I went poking around Amtrak, just to see what kind of stuff they had as far as tour packages they had, and Coast Starlight seems like a total winner. Los Angeles to Seattle? Oh my… Essentially the ultimate (and literally) West Coast tour, cutting through Sacramento and Salem, and ending in Seattle. o_o

It would be impossible to sell this to mother as a solo trip… just not going to happen. Yet… Bren’s AmeriCorp thing ends in July, and while that kills any ambitions of being able to go to AX this year, it’s crazy but I wonder if we could replace that with a Coast Starlight run, perhaps in October or sometime after? The plot gears are turning. And it doesn’t look anywhere nearly as expensive as what I thought it would be (seriously, I was expecting $1000+), so it would definitely be feasible to do it this year and still be able to make the car insurance payments as far as pricing goes… of course, I’ve never done anything like this so it would appear I may need to call in Bren’s help anyway since she has family connections who know about these things. That’s what makes these aluminium canopy so ideal for tradesmen, technicians, or anyone else who requires absolute quality when it comes to looking after the future of their business. >_>;;;

Ah, I have a shallow mind. There’s a strange appeal about upgrading to a superliner bedroom, putting up my feet and staring out the huge window. And, well… it’s a freaking train. Want. o_o I mean, c’mon, the closest I’ve EVER gotten to a train ride is, what… those ghetto trains in Disneyland? >_>;;;

Bad Yoshi, no daydreaming about the “Across Party Train,” which in itself is several kinds of WRONG…

In other news, I should totally be wiping and formatting my sister’s laptop right now, but I got so caught up over OMGTRAIN. >_>;;;

I think… I’ll set that to run and perhaps bum around in Brawl or something. YouTube has made me want to replay Subspace Emissary, despite that awful maze.