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Choo choo~

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

This. The more I read, the more I feel I have to go. Ideally, the full Los Angeles to Seattle route (because… dude… SEATTLE, HELL YEAH), but even a custom Los Angeles to Sacramento version would be fine too.

(Dammit, why do my internets tank whenever I write an LJ post about trains? For the past two days, my internets have crashed every time I start writing about how I’ve been staying up the past couple of nights just reading about other people’s train rides. YAR.)

*about a half-hour later…*


Still have no motivation to draw. Still need to order a replacement Slingbox… I may just wait to see what VPI says on how much they’ll reimburse me for Kestine’s last appointment before I go buying anything. This train lust is nice but it doesn’t do much in terms of kicking me back into drawing stuff. I know [info]seraphzero has been waiting quite awhile on those Sleepover scribbles… >_>;;;

In OTHER NEWS… people who have a Hamachi link to Blastoise will find that my music and video stashes on my secondary drive are now accessible. Steal away! (I need to rebuild my seiyuu folders again though… at the very least my Hikaru Midorikawa folder. It’s trapped on my damaged firewire drive. Extreme sadface.)