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Sucky Thursday

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

So, I have Chrono Trigger DS.

I would like to tell those who are hating on its new translation– specifically, the part dealing with Frog’s loss of “accent”– to shut their traps. SERIOUSLY GUYS, IT’S NOT THAT BAD. He’s saying the same stuff as before, just not Middle Engrish-iczed (which, in hindsight, was kinda out-of-place when all the other 600AD NPCs spoke normally), so it’s not like he lost the knight-speak entirely. o.O I mean, wasn’t the accent just a twisted form of softening, even censoring Frog as he was portrayed in Japanese, anyway? New Frog pretty much just got a minor downgrade to Cecil/Beatrix/Steiner level of knight-speak, and last I checked, we still think of those three as being pretty badass.

(Actually, the way Frog speaks now… kinda reminds me of Cornelius, the cute little bunny knight in Odin Sphere. Which I still need to play, since Yuri “I’m as everywhere as a Nemesis plot” Lowenthal plays said cute little bunny knight… I don’t think I need to point out where this thought train is going, if one were to speculate about what would happen if CT had voices XD;;)

That aside… yes, there are a couple things that are somewhat headscratch-worthy (Revive is “Athenian Water?” and wtf “Fiendlord” as Magus’ title), but… I don’t really see much for the boneheaded fanboy camps (I’m looking at YOU, Gamefaqs and /v/) to be whining about. Then again, we call them boneheaded fanboys for a reason. :P

I am SOOOOO spoiled on Plus Game mode, hahaha. Seeing as I can do a Plus Game run in under 6 hours now (probably less if I skip sidequests), I wonder if I should just do the bare minimum stuff on the first pass and go nuts with the sidequests in future cycles?


In other news… yes, even mother likes Christmas more than Thanksgiving. Half of the house is already rigged for Christmas (including the tree). Amazingly, neither Kestine nor Daisy have attempted to attack the tree… yet. Kestine doesn’t seem like he would (if anything, the worst he’d do is nap under it due to all the lights making it warm), but Daisy might swat at it. But still, the tree’s sturdy enough to survive some CAT ASSAULT so it should be fine. If anyone is a threat, it would be the Four Wiggly Puppies of the Apocalypse. >_>;

I’ve Snowscheme #2 sketched (we lost cable service for awhile, earlier this evening… which meant internet was also down, so I Ramen’d it up). It is, as mentioned before, “Numair’s Cookie House” in which mister sniper seems to think the objective is to make a splatterhouse movie scene out of the guild sugar cookie mansion. Chelsea doesn’t like it at all (since it’s a fondant figure of Denlan being roasted over the chimney) and Old Lady Kit is getting her Xelloss on with the “hohoho, that’s cute” face. At the last minute I added in Hikaru next to Numair, making this more of a tag-team effort…. and even she isn’t amused that Numair’s put an excessively-violent spin on what sould be cute. I’m on Dinah right now so I’ll have to switch over to Blastoise to get a screencap, and I’ll do THAT in a bit.

oh, and… T: [info]dmscv~~
I know what I want for my half, and because this involves two people…. I’ll, um, “pay the difference” by doing a Deeum-centric Snowscheme for #3. I need to go rig a wireframe to best explain it though.

*machine switch!*