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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) FE Bromide: Tenebral Arcana

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Late bromide is laaaaaate.

Professor Rineas can cosplay, too! Completing the triad of Lunar references, Rineas loots the Premier robes that Ghaleon was packing in Lunar 1… minus the hat, anyway. I left out the hat because it would have been too obvious, and more importantly, Rineas is not a hat person. (Also? His ultimate headgear is his glasses.)

And now I get to hammer out two pieces– a Halloween pic, and then finish what I’ll be rolling out for NSFW Ep. 100. >:D

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) FE Bromide "Much Like a Tiger"

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

“Blue Dragon Palm?” More like EXTREMITY FIST.
Celina’s FE Bromide has her cosplaying as Lunar 2’s Jean (in the Blue Dragon martial artist gear)… except I decided to recolor the upper robe. Now I’m having flashbacks of the few episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender that I actually watched at [info]brendala‘s house waaaay back when. Oh well.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) FE Bromide: Son of Ironwood

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Gee, Denlan, you look kinda Kyle today– oh wait…
Hell, I would even give Denlan the same Japanese VA too (Tomokazu Seki). You know who else they have in common? Stahn~ (Tales of Destiny)
Yeah, go ahead and process THAT mental image. :D

On that note, sleeptime! Hopefully when I wake up I’ll have my awesome capture box.

(WIP) The Pants You Can’t See

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Yes, doods, Denlan’s FE Bromide! Go go not-so-messy wireframe phase!
Officially, his final body armor is the Ozzie Pants (which, if you recall, is a pair of goofy boxers). Unlike the original, they are not worn on your head, nor do they slap you with Derpface– I mean confusion.
BUUUUUT… rather than just have Denlan run around in his boxers, which would be funny and totally like him, I got a better idea: more bad cosplay! Because, you know, Ragnarok TWILIGHT is all about the “cosplay = ultimate gear” thing. In this case, he gets to dress up as Kyle from Lunar 1. The price is that you can’t see the Ozzie Pants, and it made me consider changing out the Ozzie Pants for something else… but since Denlan and Chelsea are a thing, it makes sense that they would have matching armor (Flea Vest for Chelsea), plus we changed the Flea Vest from a bra to cute pink pajamas anyway. Thus, the Ozzie Pants stays, even if you can’t see them.

The next two FE Bromides (hell, let’s just make this Bromide month ’cause I can’t think of a theme for September, Ramen-wise) are for Celina and Rineas. Yes, more Aeth characters, for the lulz. I already know Celina’s has her cosplaying as Jean (Lunar 2). Rineas, on the other hand… I think I was going to stick him as Wiseman (.hack) but I’m kinda-sorta playing with him as Lunar 1!Ghaleon (specifically, in his Magic Guild robes), since I’m already neck-deep in this theme of Aeth’s doods as Lunar characters. XD

Speaking of arts… do you watch NSFW? (Which you should because it is awesome, especially if you like, oh, Beavis and Butthead) Specifically, did you see the most recent episode, from Dragon*Con? About halfway in, right before the Dating Game bit, Brian flashed this thing I did on the side screen. Instant Ramen in the wild, doods! You can see the episode streamed again tonight at 7pm PT on TWiT

…or if you’re impatient you can just watch the YouTube version below. (My doodle shows up around 33:10)

I’m (very slowly) working on a piece for the upcoming 100th episode, which (provided the schedule doesn’t get screwed with) looks like it will be November 1. I know that my artwork only shows up for a few seconds every time, but behind the scenes they are greatly amusing to a lot of people and I’d like to think that I’m piling up influence bling that I can cash out later on. >:D In any case, it would be awesome if the Ep. 100 piece rocked faces off so much that I could, oh, have prints sent to the hosts and to the TWiT Brickhouse, yes? Maybe? Cookies? Since I’ve refilled my Magic Coin Block, this is doable… :D

LOOT ALERT. I’ve said for awhile that I was going to get an HD capture box so I can, among other things, redo my .hack playthrough (preferably livestreamed, but at least extended-play YouTubes), and now it’s FINALLY HAPPENING. And because we loot so much from Amazon, I went ahead and activated Amazon Prime– if anything, it also gets us access to their video streaming library, so mother and Evil Stepfather can use that all they want. By Thursday, I should have the Hauppauge HD-PVR, the freaking Excalibur of the livestreamer/YouTube capture kings! Yes!

…oh, in addition to that, also looting a foot-activated air pump for my giant blue Gopher ball (which will be replacing my slowly-falling-apart office chair, because this “falling asleep at the keyboard” thing needs to stop), a PS3 component cable for the capture box (it doesn’t take HDMI, bah) and a bigger MS Pro Duo stick for my PSP so I can cram more downloaded games on it. Like, you know… Dissidia 012… >_>;

I’ll be picking up a 3DS– I’ve meant to, even before the announcement of the price drop. Basically, I’m just waiting on its port of Tales of the Abyss so I can swoop in and get both at once. I could get the 3DS now, but I’m already going to be busy with other stuff so it’s… not so smart to pile on even more.