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Sleepy Weekends

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

FINALLY got my PSP parts released to me. Hurf durf, it went down as more like a “oh, I’ve had this for awhile and forgot to mention it.” Yeah right, the old jerkface was holding my parts hostage over something that he had no business butting into aside from him enabling mother to be a drama queen.

But now I have my replacement PSP door hatch and an extra non-Pandora battery that’s charging right now, so YAY I have a functional PSP! Seriously, I’ve been wary of using my PSP for… um… a little over a year since my old battery door got cracked somehow (and I’d have to save compulsively in case the battery dislodged or the power cable loosened) so now I can finally go back through my small pile of half-finished PSP games and clear ’em. Specifically, Star Ocean 1, Disgaea and Dissidia… oh, and there’s FFT, too.

Also speaking of Disgaea… Aaaaahahahahaha XD Kinda makes me glad I forgot to pre-order the PSP port of Disgaea 2 if this is the case. I’ll hold off on looting it until the first DLC item’s released. :P Too bad that NIS can’t patch PS2 stuff so they can, uh, go fix Ar Tonelico 2… >_>; *ahem*

In addition to my PSP battery+door, I also got a combo power/data cable so I can charge over USB as well as transfer stuff. I pretty much got it for the “charge over USB” part– I have the original “Phat” PSP model, which ordinarily can’t charge over USB (the “Slim” and other models after it can, directly through the USB mini-port) but this combo cable splits off into the mini-plug and the power plug. And it fits more securely than the official power plug, too. Take THAT, Sony! I love these USB chargers, they’re much more convenient than having to hunt down a power outlet. :D Next time I order stuff like this I’ll have to pick up a DS USB charger for [info]brendala too– they’re only, like, $3, so…

And finally… I have the tiniest Bluetooth adapter EVER. Seriously, it’s, like… LITERALLY thumbnail-sized (more like THUMB-sized if you include the USB plug). What’s more laughable? It was only $5, which is… 25 cheaper than that Kensington Bluetooth adapter that I ordered last year (but mother commandeered to use with her cell phone because one of the dogs chewed up her data cable). I haven’t decided if Blastoise or Dinah will wear this tiny adapter but at least I know if I need more I can get ’em for dirt cheap.

(All this crap is from DealExtreme. Sure I’ve mentioned it before.)

In other news, mother is now letting the two newbie cats (Chloe and Betty) wander the house freely during the day. So far they don’t seem interested in approaching Kestine or Daisy (though those two are also keeping themselves scarce for now) and are more interested in chasing and pouncing each other up and downstairs. It will be interesting to see what happens when all four cats eventually mingle. Perhaps someday I’ll get the full kittypile treatment. XD Or at least… dual-action petting via Kestine and Betty (since they are the attention-ho’s).

Anywho… time to resume coloring stuff, though I am sure to be interrupted by food. Wee~

This is a post about cats. Mine, specifically.

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Nothing better to do (aside from Ramen), so while I nom on Jack in the Box… time for a useless post about the cats that dwell in House Ayarane.

Kestine: Everyone calls him Yellow Kitty for some reason. He’s the oldest cat (2 years) and while he’s not particularly playful with other cats he will chase (and be chased by) Daisy sometimes. Since he is specifically mine, he tends to gravitate towards me if I’m within view– he’ll get in bed with me and curl up on a side pillow for awhile (or try to rub his face on the corners of Dinah’s monitor lid), or hop up on the side table when I’m on Blastoise and rub his face on things or try to yank ketchup packets out of my condiment bag, or, most adorably, lie in a loaf position on the upper edge of the couch, then hop down and curl up next to me while I watch TV. Kestine is not really big on toys, he much prefers to be petted and will tolerate being held for about a minute. He has a “search meow” that he’ll do if he’s looking for me. He also purrs easily and it is so powerful that you can hear it from across the room. Freaking Barry White-grade purr…

Daisy: The little diva queen. Very, VERY nosy! Even though Kestine is bigger, Daisy will give him crap anyway (usually kicking him off the cat towers) and swat at him if he comes sniffing her butt. :P She’s usually quiet until OMG FOOD, at which she’ll pace around and meow lots and lots until the food bowl is set. While she’ll tolerate attention from LOL BULLDOGS, she quickly finds herself overpowered by the evil wiggly puppies (who just want to sumo-tackle and sniff her). It’s hilarious to see Daisy fleeing from BabyGirl and doing her annoyed meow, as if to say “Ugh, go away!”

Chloe: NINJA CAT! Like Daisy, it seems that Chloe may be naturally small when she matures. She’s freaking hyper, dashing all over the place, tackling and jumping and swatting… She also has what I call a “query purr,” used to either get attention or solicit some kind of response from another cat or human. Evil wiggly puppies are spooky to her. Chloe likes to get on your shoulder or bat at hair if it’s long enough.

Betty: She’s a combination of Daisy and Kestine as far as personality goes. She has kind of a diva-like meow but she’s much more “love meeee~” and is very tolerant of being picked up and cuddled, more than even Kestine. If she’s familiar with you, she’ll actually go back and forth with you if you meow at her. It’s really cute. XD She has a “rolling purr” that sounds like rolling marbles in a sack. In other ways, she is somewhat reminiscent of [info]brendala‘s cat… can’t put my finger on what, specifically.