Ear-piercing Bark

Allcaps is not enough!

The third of the three Bulldogs of the Apocalypse. (I dunno who’s Noise, Headbutting, and Flatulence. I think they share or take turns on all three.) Louie is… supposedly named after the third of the three Duck Triplets of Disney fame. Where BabyGirl’s bark has multiple syllables and Wilson’s is a deeper, more guttural woof, Louie’s is just… ear-piercing. And often times he does it just to be a troll.

This painting I did in an all-night session. I think I only took one longer break to get some ramen because I’d been at it so long, but I knew that if I’d stopped and resumed the next day it’d take much longer to get going again… and it would dog (huh huh) me so I couldn’t sleep. THUS!

That ramen bowl was about… 6 hours ago, I think. Now I’m hungry again. D’oh!

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