Spoiled White Female… Dog


This is not a thinly-veiled gendered slur. She really is a coddled little (hah) pup, all white with some small spots, mostly concentrated on the ears. But… yeah, spoiled! Prime example: when my mother is on the computer, this dog does the most entitled-sounding whine-that’s-almost-a-bark, as if to say “mooooom! pay attention to me!” and it’s the most obnoxious thing ever, and even though my mother snaps at her to stop it, she later gives in and cuddles her.

That’s BabyGirl.

Who the hell names their dog “BabyGirl” and doesn’t expect them to be a noisy, spoiled princess, anyway?

In any case, this is the second of three bulldog paintings. The last one’s being done tomorrow.

By the way, I caved and friended my mother on Facebook. (She had already put my account on follow since I was in the hospital.) I can certainly look forward to being bombarded by (what do you expect) bulldog pictures up the nose. But she mentioned trying pass along potential Gourmet Ramen clients (because man, do those bulldog owners love their swag), so I guess I can tolerate it. These dog paintings are also easy to do, even at HD size.

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