Multitasking is for winners!

Before I go twitter-trawling and otherwise soliciting for more Gourmet Ramen commissions, I’m doing a couple more pieces.

The first is, for lack of a better description, “Law and Order: The Animation.” Well, the theoretical poster for it, rather. Star Trek and Star Wars got their own animated series, why can’t Law and Order? Granted, this being Instant Ramen Sketchbook, my take on things would be more anime-like. (Until there is a real Law and Order anime, we’ll just have to make do with the likes of Paranoia Agent, Japan’s take on the police procedural with a decidedly more paranormal twist)

In any case, it specifically involves the SVU cast (pre-season 13, so yes that means you get Stabler) plus the original’s Jack McCoy, because he’s awesome (and somehow managed to stick his fingers in a couple of SVU episodes ANYWAY, so why not). I don’t often do fan art of live-action TV characters (or real people, despite recent Gourmet Ramen pieces), so it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. I’ve got the wireframes for the main four detectives and Cabot, which just leaves Cragen, McCoy and Warner to be scribbled. I know there are quite a few others that deserve inclusion but I have to stop myself at those or else I’d be overwhelmed when it comes to laying down the line art!

By the way, while I’m on the subject of Law and Order art, this show from 2010 makes very interesting use of DirecTV program guide descriptions as prompts. Hah! “Death of a Bully” is especially hilarious.

The second piece I’m doing is for Night Attack, because it’s been way too long since I did anything for that podcast (in fact, I think the last one I did was back when it was still called NSFW Show). I don’t have anything specific in mind YET, but when you consider how kooky it is, coming up with an idea for that painting isn’t going to be very difficult.

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