The One About Gourmet Ramen

“Electric Boogaloo”
“The Search for More Money”

“Give Yoshi Coins For Purdy Colors”

This was supposed to happen MUCH earlier this summer, but then I had… hardware issues. Video card fail, keyboard fail, and then hard drive fail. But not even that can keep a painter down, no! The ramen must flow!

Welcome to the 2012 Gourmet Ramen Drive, doods. The difference between Gourmet Ramen and normal Instant Ramen is that it involves money. Coins, smackers, credits, whatever. Of course, when money is involved, things can get a bit… complex. Hopefully this post will make the commission process less so!

As always, you have two instances to choose from:

One Instance = $20 USD
“Instance” being a single drawing (color, single character/small group). Most Instant Ramen Sketchbook posts fall under this.

Three Instances = $50 USD
This is a popular option since you get to take $10 off what would otherwise be a $60 3-pc set. You could, alternatively, merge two or all 3 together for a crazy-ass, hyper-detailed mob scene. It’s up to you how to use up each charge.

Digital delivery (high-quality JPEG export) + original sized PSD file to play around with as you like (or to take elsewhere for printing, as I don’t have the means of providing poster prints at this time).

New to this year’s Gourmet Ramen menu:

Name Your Price! (min. $10 USD)
This is for those who… aren’t sure what their request would fall under. Something like…
– You only have $10 and just want a simple character bust anyhow
– You have a special project that wouldn’t really fit in the normal parameters
– You think I am way, WAY more awesome than I’m letting on and want to pay me more to reflect that sentiment (hahahahahaha)

Honestly, the “Name Your Price” option is to address the nagging question of whether or not I’m really hardcore-lowballing my asking price. I really have no idea how much my work is really worth, and barely an itch about how much it costs to get a decent-quality print made, but it seems the $20/instance is working for the moment, given my personal limitations (specifically the lack of a print option).

I want to get back to the “Drive” part of this thing, because I’ve some upgrades I need to make and, um, the Magic Coin Block is starting to dwindle down and it would be prudent if I could do something resembling work to offset the costs and this is the best I can come up with. You get purdy doodles, and (to start with) I finally get a new office chair, because this piece of junk isn’t going to last much longer. :|


As you can tell, I specialize in character and figure, so if you, oh, recently built a new PC and need an Avatar designed to personify it (not unlike OS-tan)… there you go. Podcast cover art? Sure thing!

How it works:
– You submit your request by… however means you like (even commenting in this post will work)
– I approve and start on the piece. Nightly updates get posted here unless you want things kept under wraps.
– When it’s finished, you have final approval and can send it back for further tweaks. Only after I have your final approval do I take payment (I would much rather take the time to make sure you’re happy if I’m going to take your money. :P)

Forms of Payment Accepted:
– Paypal
– Wells Fargo/Bank of America “Send/Receive Money”
– Amazon gift card/eCert

not-so-fine print: I reserve the right to decline any Gourmet Ramen request for any reason, including but not limited to porn. Sorry, doods. It’s not that I don’t have any confidence in my knowledge of anatomy, it’s just that the end result ends up being more “lol” than “hot” and the intended effect is lost, so it’s best to just not go there to begin with.

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