CHAIR + Language Butthurt

This chair. This effing office chair. I’ve had it for… uh… 10 years? And it became crappy about 2 years ago but I put up with because I had more important things to deal with, but now it’s become a dealbreaker– if it doesn’t put me to sleep on account of bad pressure point application (in conjunction with my being a fat butt) it’s just uncomfortable as if you had to sit on a flat-top smooth rock.

I wanted to wait until at least ONE person nibbled on Gourmet Ramen, but I just can’t hold out anymore. Looted this thing and it should be here on Tuesday. Fixing this long-standing “omg I hate this chair I can’t do anything” issue now will pay off lots and lots down the line, since it was starting to interfere with gaming, too.

Aghgh I gotta make this quick since food just got here and we have the A/C cranked up a lot.

I like to think I’m cool-headed enough to not let most flagrant abuses of the English language bother me, but there are a few that just hit my berserk button that quickly. “I can’t” as a standalone (without a valid verb or any other kind of vindicating context) is one of them… the newest one is “feels.”

…what the hell? Feels? Dude, I believe the word you’re looking for is “FEELINGS.” Let me give an example of the offending word in its natural state.

“I have lots and lots of feels about the season finale.”

Okay. You have feelings. Opinions, even. A mix of the two. But… what is this “feels?” You just have to be cute and not use the proper word, no matter how it’s RIGHT UNDER YOUR EFFING NOSE? You stop that, you stop that right now!

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