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So with Blastoise among the living once more… time to throw him into PSO2 until the next WoW expansion drops next month, anyhow. Because we just can’t wait for the localization, ACROSS decided to invade the JP server. Boy, if there’s any incentive to learn to read Japanese…


Seeing as SOMEONE insists on rolling up a certain pink loli-girl and playing her to the exclusion of anything else and the F2P model precludes us from rolling alts, that kinda paints me into a corner of who I roll up– not just for RP purposes, but also for team makeup since I like all those kind of beauty products and I look for eye cream reviews to find the best anti aging serum. In this case… my options are the Altima Network avatars– specifically, the dudes. Phantasy Star lore says that robots make crappy casters, so Yggdrasil is out as anything beyond healing. Blastoise is the least problematic in terms of costumes and such, so there we go. (Thankfully Sega has no budget for policing character names for copyright even though, again, my Blastoise hardly resembles his Pokemon namesake anymore and I’m just stubborn about renaming him)

I see Sega has retained the employment of their LOVELY character designer from PSU, meaning it is impossible to roll a female character over the age of 20 in PSO2. It’s, like, holy crap can you believe how gross most of the female character costumes look? It’s a giant T&A fest without appearing blatantly so. You don’t get string bikinis but there’s an undue emphasis on BOOBS. (Don’t get me started on the actual booby slider in the character editor, it’s that ridiculous.) I know, I know, “by dudes and for dudes,” but throw me a freaking bone here. Can we just hold back on the sexist garbage JUST a bit? >_>; Hence, I rolled Blastoise instead of Dinah.

Putting all that aside… the gameplay is actually kinda neat. Spear melee? YES PLEASE. After awhile, I stop seething in anger about the crappily-designed costumes and get lost in skewering the critters. Mmm, spear DPS…

Finally, if we should ever make it to the English-language servers, there will be two Blastoises in this part of ACROSS lore. Think of it as being like a Solid Snake/Big Boss pair– the Blastoise on the JP server is the Big Boss and is older-looking, where the Blastoise on the US server will be the Solid Snake (MGS1 era, to specify age) and younger-looking like the base Avatar Blastoise. :P Hardcore bonus points if in localization, Sega decides to use the SoCal voice actor pool and brings in David Hayter… hahahahahha I can only dream. :P

Ahh hell, it’s already the first week of August and I gotta decide FAST if I’m going to jump back into Chaffey, if only for one class. If I’m ever going to set foot back into the real world, it has to be now, and this is the best vector for doing so. The issue is mother… well, more like transportation, but for those reasons that entails involving her. I need for her to not become a second-guessing drama monster over this. x_x

Details on the Gourmet Ramen campaign in a bit. Need something resembling sleep.

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