(WIP) Angry Reindeer

In addition to WIP screencap, I bring you what I hope will become a regular feature here on Ayarane Project: Instant Ramen LIVE! Click on the screencap to go see the archived video. :D
pardon the preroll ads -_-;

With Blastoise’s transmigration, he now has the ability to livestream the contents of his desktop without horrendous input lag. What this means for you is that… well, recall that others had the ability to “sit in” on Blastoise to watch me draw (via VNC) but even then it was laggy and I could only hold one other person at a time. Now the dude can stream to my Justin.tv channel and many can watch if they want to see the sausage being made. :)

You may want to follow me on Twitter if you want to know when I’m about to stream. But, Justin.tv auto-archives all streams for a little while after the fact– they used to do it indefinitely but the archived stuff only lasts a few days now. Worst-case, I’ll just have to do a local recording and upload that to YouTube manually. One way or another, these will be available somewhere for later viewing if you can’t catch the live show.

This first attempt has no sound– all I was running was just Pandora’s Christmas music anyhow. But in future sessions, presuming this draws in some sort of an audience, I’ll turn on the audio so I can pick select doods to call in on Skype for sass and lulz.

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