Seating Arrangements

Short version that probably isn’t: Gopher-series balls (the type that Leo Laporte uses on TWiT) are… adequate for sitting on when playing video games, but not so much for painting or involved computer-y stuff. And I should probably get the bigger silver ball, too, since blue isn’t quite enough for the big-and-tall like me. :P

Yeah, my current office chair on Blastoise is reaching limits on how much I can tolerate. Old chair is old, creaky, has lost most of its arm padding, is rather stiff on the butt support and sinks too easily, so I tried using my blue Gopher ball for the day. It was slightly less annoying overall, but… yeah, looks like I need to start hunting for a new office chair. Considering how much time I spend on Blastoise, this needs to be a really freaking awesome chair. The one I’m using now I’ve had, uh… maybe 10 years? I know I got it before Blastoise’s first transmigration.

Speaking of things related to TWiT…

So, apparently I must be made of AWESOME or what-have-you, because this thing I did for NSFW got turned into a print and sent up to the TWiT Brickhouse as a gift for the technical staff and editors. :O All I had to do was provide the original PSD, someone else from the audience who works at a print shop had the print made. Hopefully the doods at TWiT know to unbox this thing on the air, since that way I can do an archive extract from and repost it here for lulz and glory.

This chair I’m sitting on is bothering me tons, and I need to change out of these itchy-as-GTFO pants, so I’ll have to do the ink job of this Snowscheme tomorrow. For now, a midnight Disgaea 4 session in my bedroom~


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