The End… Oh Wait

Hello, internets. Since we are here, I’m going to assume the world didn’t end.

However, I think my DVR did. I tried to loot an episode of Letterman last week but it didn’t take. Now, I’ve heard of some shows having a “no-record” flag being slapped on them, but I certainly would have heard about that by now. The other clue that my DVR is dying is that I’m finding I can’t rewind/pause live TV anymore. WTF. I missed the second half of Law and Order SVU and tried to rewind the live feed so I could go back for it… nope! This would be less of a pain if I was watching through my Windows Slingbox client, but I was on Dinah (who for some reason has to use an older version) and her Mac client doesn’t have its own DVR controls. Boooo.

It’s not that I don’t have enough space (it says I have 46% of the drive space free, and I think they shove 250GB hard drives in here), and the stuff I already recorded still works, though most of them are disaster movies I could easily loot elsewhere. There are means of tapping in via Firewire or something to extract the other recordings but I’m not sure I feel like disconnecting it and hauling it over to Blastoise for capture.

Holy crap I actually went outdoors last week… except it was to get a blood test. Quest overhauled its Rancho office, and, uh… whoever picked the colors for it HAS to be an Android fanboy. Seriously, white and Android-green. They might as well have put in “this lab is powered by Google” and put in little Android plushies in the waiting area. (Actually, there actually IS an ad for Google’s health records service. HAH)

At least this time I got to pay the lab bill right there than wait on it to drop in the mail. It wasn’t as bad as last time. :P


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