(WIP) Shining Hip Shot

Another day, another iteration. This one has +1 Numair.

I think my office chair is haunted… well, at the very least, it’s OLD. I’ve had it for nearly 10 years, and the foam covering the arm rests has almost entirely torn off over time. It’s also creaky as hell. Anyway, I transferred over yesterday around 8pm to work on this, and dinner arrived just as I finished setting up… a couple blinks later, it was 4am! And then 7am… and then 9am! WTF. My chair freaking put me to sleep! o_O So much for trying to go AFK at least once an hour, sheesh. (As for the spaghetti… fortunately it resurrects easily via microwave. :P)

But, as you can see, I actually did get something done.
I’ve missed drawing Numair… and, for once, I actually drew his crossbow as it is supposed to look like (with the gold ring). This just leaves Haruko, Yoshi and the villains and then final cleanup… wee~

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