(WIP) Schema Lapse

I was just going to post the most recent WIP, but I figured I’d throw both of today’s, thus completing the line art.
I tried to keep the middle/wide shot as close as possible to the rear detail, but that didn’t quite work. (Simply shrinking the details, repositioning and finishing them wouldn’t have looked very good…) Just assume a few seconds pass between the two views to account for the slight differences in positioning.

Also yes, Lord Numair gets a new Maximillian, the “Death” spec that is formed when he’s bound with Lord of Death.
So, that bumps the count up to five:
– Ralse: “Dark Rose”
– Lord Numair: “Crimson” (Episode 0) and “Death” (Episode 2)
– Hikaru: “Azure”
…and then the one Lord of Death’s projection wears, which is the Maximillian in its base/inert form.

Coloring this new Maximillian is going to be fun~ :D
It’ll be all icky and bloody in the general color scheme, but it won’t actually BE bloody… oh, just wait until it’s done!
Of course, coloring Hikaru’s Maximillian is always a trip. Shiny blue metal, laa~ ♥

But, for now, I need a break.

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