Aural Condiments

Loyal minion-doods, GIFs and macros are no longer enough to act as our “condiments of daily internet living.” Inspired partially by NSFW, here are some youtubes and such that should provide some much-needed aural spice that could, used properly, convey the appropriate assessment of the win or fail (…mostly fail, as it may seem here).

Instant Rimshot, for those “ZING!” moments. You, too, can get your inner late-night host on. Press the big red button, receive BA-DUM-TISH!

Instant Crickets, for when someone says something really un-funny (but not offensive). Again, press the big green button, and receive crickets.

(iPhone/iPod Touch owners take note: The above along with “golf clapping” and “sad trombone” are available as a free app, search for “Rimshot & Crickets” in the app store.)

Next up is the Fail Horn, hailing from the Price is Right, but we of the internets have coopted it as the sound of EPIC FAILURE. (YouTube sauce!) Sadly I have yet to see an iPhone or other cell phone-friendly equivalent of this. :(

Dramatic Look is another favorite, and has widely circulated the internets (and has even made some appearances on TV). Nice for those “OMFG!” moments.

And finally, my personal favorite, BOO THIS MAN! I heard it on NSFW and just HAD to find it and once again, YouTube delivers. Even now I crack up every time I watch this. IDEAL for those moments that just demand that the source of such failure GTFO. It is available in GIF form but you NEED the sound for maximum effect.

Tell me, internets, what are your favorite sound bites meant to express epic win, epic fail, GTFO or what have you? :D

and yes, I am totally stalling on coloring that ramen. Or not. Nothing really on TV, and I don’t think my brother is awake yet for me to go bother him in WoW (not that he considers it “bother” but it just sounds fun to say. BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER) so, just… I dunno. DOOD.


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