Now that’s just mean

WTF Earth. I know it’s in your nature to bump and grind, but seriously, WTF 6.0 quake? It’s barely been a week since the first one, leave Haiti alone already.

(Twitter exploded, no doubt as a result of this.)

Also, speaking of “WTF Nature,” what the hell was that yesterday, trying to throw a tornado at SoCal? And dropping lightning near my house? Well, at least you didn’t, like, flatten Gordon Tokumatsu (local weather-dood) with a Marilyn Monroe billboard, or wipe out the Hollywood sign, then I’d have to call this a bad attempt at pulling a Day after Tomorrow and I don’t think Roland Emmerich would be too pleased with that.

I don’t even think my weather widget knows how to read tornadoes, I’m getting lightning bolt icons across the board here. o_O;


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