(WIP) Zero Clusterfwegh

Hm, what’s this? Something Episode 0-related?

First Instant Ramen of the year and it’s a freaking mob scene. (Also in anticipation of Crimson Day…) I normally don’t annotate but to do a list in text would be a pain due to placement. RT Episode 0 main cast + Kit (all in final equipment) and the rest of the guest characters behind them and OH HI, Garden of Flying Roses waaay back there’s about to fire on your happy little tree!

Perhaps a villains version may follow?

Oh, and as for the Christmas Party snowscheme… oh geeze. I never got around to coloring that, but rather than leave it in limbo I’ma just release the finished line art. It’s possible I may come back for the coloring later on. I don’t know what happened, because this was really a fun piece but somewhere along the way the train just… came off the tracks or something. Boo.

Holy crap, Fontana’s getting poured on. o_o It’s supposed to rain for the next few days.

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