(WIP) Avatar Day

As opposed to yesterday’s insane amounts of lazy… today I was stricken by… I dunno, some kind of freak artist ADD or something. o.O


Blastoise gets another revision. Don’t mind his crappy-looking spear, I’m bringing back the one from the last version since that one was actually badass.
He gets a mix of Jade and Balmung armor this time. As learned from the Aries FE bromide, sometimes it’s really worth cranking up the detail. >_>
Blastoise is all about KILL IT WITH SPEAR, but he’s a decent offensive caster (after all… LOL HYDRO PUMP).

Dinah gets a detail upgrade, too. Makes her look slightly more like a Disgaea ninja as far as the lower half of her goes. Ditched the double-saber for a ninja dagger this time (though I would imagine Avatars could literally yank their weapons out of subspace or what-have-you as needed). It’s all about flipping out and killing stuff quickly, and she can use low-level debuffing ninjutsu. Nin nin~

Old man Yggdrasil gets a slight tweak to his robes to make him look a little more like Phil. Note the bubbles coming from his pipe. XD
He is a badass old guy, meaning magic and nothing but! Offense and healing, there is nothing beyond his grasp!

And now, mother’s half of the network! Enter Tsunami. She is, as you can tell, based on a Disgaea healer. Why not? :P
In a way she’s kind of a successor to the retired unit Lapras, because Tsunami has a bow. Obviously, she’s a badass healer, matched only by Yggdrasil in oomph.

Onyx, who is huge, heavily armored and has a giant freaking hammer. I guess he’s sorta like a Disgaea-brand heavy knight. He’s not much of a magic-user, aside from a couple of spells he can cast to boost defense.

And then there is Jin… based on, you know, that badass dude in Xenosaga. You don’t see his weapon but assume he’s packing a katana anyway. (like… Sephiroth-length). His magic is more like a FFT Samurai’s “Draw Out” thing.

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