Catgirl War Correspondent

Dear Internets, you know her from taking on the terrorists in Paragon City. Now she serves as Ayarane Project’s War Correspondent. Next on the parade of podcast personalities… Action Cat!

“Terrorists beware! Action Cat comes for YOU!”
Though her primary role is to report on the War on Terror, old habits die hard, and she still carries a (magically-concealed) assault rifle. You know, just in case.

Of course, she needs a cameraman, and who better to capture it all than Lakitu? He’s joined the HD age and traded in his old film camcorder for a high-definition DV model. And in a pinch, his cloud can expand to hold more passengers. Action Cat herself is packing a bluetooth earpiece… though despite what it looks like, the ear part of it is just for decoration, since they obviously haven’t made a version for catgirls yet. However, because the flapping became an issue with the sound recording, she decided to ditch the cape.

Action Cat makes a fairly disturbing discovery early into her assignment– those terrorists are, in fact, bulldogs! Rogue bulldogs pretending to be members of Al-Qaeda. Nobody suspects bulldogs, of course, because everyone is so entranced by their smooshed, vacant faces and such, but we at Ayarane Project know better.

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