Parts and Labor IV

Countdown, but not of the Olbermann variety: 2 days until Windows 7!

LOL Best Buy, selling preorders on off-the-shelf machines with Win7 and free overnight shipping so you get your loot at noon Thursday. Oh wait… what? If I’m reading the Twelpforce tweets correctly… those of us who preordered in June ALSO get the free overnight shipping? :D? Squee! Well, I guess I’ll know for sure tomorrow if/when I get the email telling me my preorder’s shipped. :P Microsoft can keep their silly launch parties, mine will be powered by one of my pizza overlords. >:D

Also, Blastoise at least will be making the jump to… 64-bit! Yeah, he’s always been capable of 64-bit mode, but when I last transmigrated him, I wasn’t sure about how it would benefit me at the time. But now it seems there’s pretty much no reason NOT to make the jump, so might as well. All my crap will work in 64-bit mode anyway. (Pretty sure Iggy’s mobo is also 64-bit-capable, so he’ll take that path too.)

Also ALSO: It seems Dinah is more than capable of running Win7 (in either the 32 or 64-bit variety… though it’d be less-stressful for her if she did it in 32-bit mode). Our shared pile of Win7 copies includes an extra that mother is still on the fence about– if she opts not to upgrade Tiger, then Dinah gets the extra copy. Beware of shiny ninjas!

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