Power Down

SO on Tuesday, SoCal Edison is going to shut off the power here pretty much all day for maintenance. Booooo! Mother has decided that this means I get booted from the house for the day and told me to pick someplace to hide, preferably somewhere that has air conditioning and is in reasonable walking distance of food. (Mother’s trying to find a bar that she can dump Evil Stepfather at… XDDD This needs to not make me imagine a Simpsonized Evil Stepfather yukking it up at Moe’s. )

Fontana library is my first choice, because for the longest time I’ve been meaning to haul Dinah and camp the general nonfiction section to dig up all the weirdest stuff I can find for the day. (When you work in Circulations, you find books on the most oddball subjects. And I do mean REALLY oddball.) That and it has free wireless that DOESN’T block YouTube and such. While power outage means no Slingbox access– dammit, this is one of those times in which I wish I had Verizon MobileTV — there is, of course, YouTube and Hulu/Sling.com, and I’m going to cram as much of my Simpsons torrents as Dinah’s hard drive will allow. >_>;

That reminds me, I need to steal back my bluetooth headphones from Robert. @_@

Also hi today is mother’s birthday and… I think the 3rd anniversary of me getting my A+ certification? (I intentionally took the exam on mother’s birthday because I could never remember if it was the 27th or 28th.)

Her loot (which is part of my most recent ThinkGeek order) won’t get here until next week… but, uhm… I’ll figure out something? Probably having to do with food, since lately I seem to be picking up on that end. Dammit, I wish I had use of the Yoshi Car right now.

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