A gigantic Oof moment if I’ve ever seen it.

Ayarane: one thing’s for sure
Ayarane: on top of all the stuff that Michael Jackson’s accomplished, he can now added “made the internet blow up upon death” to his karmic resume
Xenosphobatic: Truth
Ayarane: I’m trying to think of some other celebrity who was able to do that
Ayarane: …I can’t
Xenosphobatic: Me neither


I will admit that my fandom dropped off in the mid-90’s, but after that I was more or less indifferent rather than derisive.
Major, major “Oof” moment. *watching the live coverage on MSNBC*

For the record, I don’t have a particular favorite, but I recall Scream being pretty freaking awesome. Speaking of YouTube… his channel‘s getting flooded with viewers and comments. Holy smoo!


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