The Yoshi Cobbler

As a byproduct of Yoshi Day, I’ll have ALMOST enough parts to cobble together another desktop. Yeah, this has happened before (I did, after all, assemble Reuben out of leftover parts), but the difference this time is that this machine will be miiiiine. >:D

Seriously, though… I’ve built all these machines, and this will only be the second one that’s for my own use. I’m not like mother and want a bazillion of them, but, you know, it’d be neat to slap one on my HDTV. Torrents and Painter on a big display? Yes please. I’m reusing my old GeForce 7600GT from Blastoise’s initial Erdekaiser build, so games will also be playable if I so wish it… though in those cases Blastoise is probably miles better. (Put another way, useful for those rare instances in which Robert actually comes over here and wants to play WoW; he can run on Blastoise and I’d run from this yet-to-be-named box.)

All I gotta do is front a case, a PSU (I have my old 430w but I’d rather get a modular variant) and an OS and I’m good to go. :D Since this is basically a Media Center-grade machine, may as well slap Vista Ultimate on it, too.

Apparently Wednesday = not only delicious chocolate caek, but chocolate silk pie, too.

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