There is no… logic.

Bren’s box = ACT OF AETH.

Completely stumped.

I have basically rebuilt this machine and I cannot get a bloody POST. Everything is seated and plugged in properly. WHAT GIVES?

And, like, these are perfectly good parts… of course, TigerDirect is all “NO RMA FOR YOU” but I would have pocketed the leftovers anyhow. And cost be damned, this is, like, about pride of workmanship at this point.

So, yes. Act of Aeth.

Um… for the time being, I’ma see about getting an HDD enclosure so I can at least extract the files off the hard drive… and somehow smuggle the guts of Synergy and her failed-resurrection over to my house (probably get them transported while mother’s away at a bulldog meetup) so I can hack away at this without having to cook up excuses to get summoned over here.

Really bizarre stuff, this is. WTF.

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