Writer’s Block: Table for One

Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?

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That depends on what you mean by “restaurant.” If it’s the likes of, say, Jack in the Box… yeah, I’ve done that a couple times, though not so much as of late.

Oh, you said “sit-down.” I’m so observant today. But, screw it, I’ll leave it there. Anywho…

I’ve did this once, and it was RIGHT after I took the A+ exam. When mother dropped me off, she gave me money and told me to find someplace to eat if I finished the exam before she and Evil Stepfather got back from the movies. There were some restaurants within short walking distance from the test center, but Denny’s was the only one I was either familiar with or cared for.

It wasn’t so much lonely as it was a wee bit odd. I notice that if I’m eating alone I’m more likely to look around at what other people are up to… and I feel like I’m staring or being nosy. ^_^; I think this might explain why I obsessively haul my laptop and such with me (or fiddle with my phone or DS) if I’m out and about alone. I suppose the low-tech version of this is people bringing a book or magazine.

Speaking of food… today is Jack Tuesday rather than Pizza Tuesday. And, uh, they gave me a Sourdough Jack instead of the Ultimate Cheeseburger, but, dammit, I’m hungry and I’m already home. Omnomnomnom and such. Then probably some more Chrono Trigger DS, I suppose. Really, guys, I’m trying to clear stuff out of my games queue. >_>

I should really finish that “Joyriding with Rachel Maddow” pic, too…


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