Because it must be said every year:

Screw you, Super Bowl. Puppy Bowl ftw! I mean, I’m not a fan of our Four… or rather, Five Pups of the Apocalypse (we’ve taken in Evil Stepfather’s mother’s chihuahua because she’s in the hospital, most likely on the long-term), but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy two hours of cute puppies playing in a football stadium-styled enclosure.

Of course, my favorite part’s the Kitty Half-Time Show >_>;


Mother and Evil Stepfather have run off again without telling me where they’re going. Especially odd considering the ogre has a bunch of munchies on standby for Super Bowl.

A bit frustrating… I don’t exactly need permission to go to House Cantlay (but avoiding questions is another matter altogether, since mother doesn’t quite get that Bren need not be there in order for me to go over), but I at least let her know when I’m leaving and keep my phone on while I’m out. Sheesh. -.-;

Also it looks like Mr. Cantlay (I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to address him or his wife by name… putting aside the double-entendre for Mr. Cantlay… well, I wasn’t exactly RAISED to be polite to “neutral yet socially-superior” adults, it was just something I picked up along the way I suppose) confirmed the “bad case wiring” theory about Synergy– one of the power wires had snapped off so he soldered it back on. Now, we won’t know if that actually fixes the booting issue until I can get over there, and all morning I was all “FFFFFF MUST COME UP WITH AN EXCUSE TO GO OVER THERE” until I realized that mother and Evil Stepfather ran off somewhere. Too late to contact House Cantlay to rescind the “delay until Monday” order, too.

Puppy Bowl!

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