A Yoshi is stumped.

Fellow system builders! I require your input.

Synergy (Bren’s machine) refuses to POST. Clearly she’s getting power, since lights and fans are turning on. Apparently over the past several months there were sessions where she wouldn’t POST, but hitting the reset button would make her cooperate… a rarity at first but over time became more frequent. I just heard about THAT today.

At my expense*, I replaced the motherboard (and with it, CPU and RAM), upgraded the power supply (original was a 430W, new one is 550W), switched the RAM slots, switched video cards (both the original and mine are 7600GTs), tried plugging the monitor into every freaking port, tried different monitors. Bad RAM has been ruled out (Bren’s father has a thing for collecting weird tools, lucky me he had one of those memory testers).

This was starting to get a bit silly so I booted up Dinah to google and such. Poked [info]seraphzero and [info]pigeonguided for second and third opinions. Attempting a different outlet to rule out bad wiring on that particular source = fail, no POST.

It’s, lke… GRR, there should be nothing preventing this freaking box from just POSTing. That’s all I want, just a POST, because if I can get that far, everything after is easy or at the least much more manageable.

Could it be as Pigeon suggested, that this could very well be a case of, well, something gone bad in the case wiring and I need to literally replace the box? (oh lawd, bad pun alert.) I mean, frontside case wiring doesn’t look too stable as is… it could be something got bent or whatnot enough, but… man, I’m going to feel a bit silly if this IS the case. (pun! again!)

Or, mayhaps… this is all really an Act of Aeth?

* Yeah, I shelled out for the parts. Service plan? I’m the freaking system builder, I AM the service plan. And, for the billionth time, I’d much rather spend my monies on making sure House Cantlay has usable computers and such, than to support mother’s absurd puppy habit, because at least House Cantlay’s residents aren’t going to be a bunch of drama queens if something goes bad, unlike mother who would (and HAS) declare me WORST PERSON IN THE WOOOOOOORLD over something like bad RAM. Seriousy. If I did nothing to help while their central desktop machine was down, I think my conscience would try to butcher me in my sleep or something. Besides, I get to pocket all the extra salvageable parts AND I get free food and the illusion that I have semi-normal parents for a few hours. So, it’s worth it. >_>;

A Yoshi is tired and maybe a little annoyed. Perhaps I shall bum around with Chrono Trigger DS until I fall asleep or something.

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