(WIP) Not amused

It’s as inked as it’s gonna get. (Cookie splatterhouse itself has to be its own layer, on top of everything else.)
I may be able to start coloring this when I get back from volunteer service… maybe…

In other news, [info]dmscv gets today’s BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD for this little gem, which is her end of an art trade incited last month via my scribble of Avatar Sayrah.
It’s, like… holy shit. I’d always wanted to see a DM-brand rendition of the end of Ragnarok TWILIGHT Episode 1, and it has exceeded expectations in being this mix of AWESOME, aww and HAWT. As much as I’d like to sit here and stare at that picture all night, I really should go finish getting ready to head off to the library. >_>;;;

Snowscheme #3, by the way, will involve Deeum and baby garms. Details on that forthcoming.

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