Am I becoming a fuddy-duddy? :P

I don’t know. Either it’s age or my ability to (semi-)discreetly acquire my own stuff or circumstances or planetary alignment or something, but as far as holiday loot goes, I like preparing the BOX more than I like getting loot. It’s, like… preparing a box filled with pure lulz– while loot is involved, the lulz is centered around intent and presentation than the actual loot. (See: Metal Gear Cookie Monster.) Now, mother racking up vet bills like they’re Xbox Live Achievements might put a damper on how many BOXes I can assemble… but at the very least there will be OMFGBOX 2008.

So, that said… what on earth DO I want this time?

Well, my license would be nice. Nothing tops being able to grab ninja laptop Dinah (I STILL need to find her warranty papers and haul her into Best Buy to get that red snow looked at), hop in the Yoshi Car and drive FAR away from drama queens, evil stepfathers and the Four Pups of the Apocalypse, even if it’s just for the day.

I would also like a job. Preferably something that is not retail* or warehouse/labor. Actually, more than this, I would like to, you know, not be weighed down by this crippling social phobia (stacked on lifelong-eroded self-confidence and all the lovely things it comes with), which has been getting me REAMED not only on the job market, but almost every other aspect of the fleshy world.

* I’ll put up with retail if I get into one of those mom-and-pop computer repair shops, or something like that… just don’t make it my primary duty >_>

Sadly, loot like the above doesn’t come in boxes or envelopes or stockings. And to that, I say… curse you DMV and job market. If I were Keith Olbermann, I’d have tossed you both on my “World’s Worst” lists a long time ago.

Alas, I am being poked for (tangible) loot lists, so I will indulge those parties… but only the stuff that won’t get me weird looks over:

– new floor mat for my office (studio, laboratory, villainous lair, whatever), my current one’s cracked and sometimes my chair’s wheels get stuck
– new bedsheets, my current set is literally falling apart
– toaster oven to keep in my office, seeing as the kitchen is far too often sealed off due to wandering Four Pups of the Apocalypse. Must be big enough to shove a standard Boboli-sized crust into!
– one of those remote… grabber things… mostly used to pick up trash in places I can’t reach
This Blu-ray drive. Needs not be specifically THAT drive, but must be capable of some kind of Blu-ray writing.
– MONEY. Always good. Better if it’s in a form I can feed back into my bank account to stop the slow leak via puppy-related expenses, but even gift cards will work. Of course, money is pretty much guaranteed in some form every year (usually some piddly amount via Evil Stepfather, and a gift card from Aunt Sally)

All my other fluff tangible loot… I’d REALLY prefer to just go buy that on my own. I don’t need mother running her mouth to Evil Stepfather about me anymore than she already does (even after repeatedly telling her that the more she tells him about me, the more fodder she’s giving him to snark about). Ordinarily post-Christmas entails massive Montclair Plaza raiding with Bren, but seeing as she’s kinda not here until June at the earliest… yeah, that’s not happening, unless I get my Yoshi Car before then (also unlikely), so my post-Christmas looting will probably be happening online.

But, really, guys… am I becoming a boring adult already? That would suck so much. Never mind that I already consider myself rather boring… this would more than DOUBLE my boring stat. Ow.

Oh, by the way… issue 13 is going live in City of Heroes today. Totally rolling up Kopii Phil (ASSAULT BY THE ELDERLY!), and then swapping to Hikaru to transform my base from a cardboard box into a freaking CARDBOARD SPACESHIP. You heard me… 5+ million in banked prestige, and at LEAST 2 million in refunds? And reduced base costs? Hell yeah. Spaceship, here I come!

Also…. mmm, weekly Faathim task force runs. Ah, favorite TF, you will NEVER get old.

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